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Buying with Confidence Using Halim's Signature Approach

For most of us, buying a property is one of our largest commitments in life. We need to be careful and prudent when purchasing a property. There are many aspects that we need to lookout for and consider. With Halim’s consultation and service, people from all walks of life will receive genuine and sincere advice. Halim has incorporated a system to assist buyers to make an informed and prudent decision on their property purchase.


A Unique Combination

of Data & Research coupled with a Financial Health Check and Project & Unit Selection

Halim uses a 3 prong approach to provide accurate, holistic and prudent advice for his clients. This approach has been designed to be applicable to clients from all walks of life.


The application of data and research on properties provide a clear picture on the property types and locations that will meet the client’s needs . With the advent of digitalisation and technology, there is an abundant amount of data and research that is available. However, as Halim is well versed with data and research techniques, he will present information that is applicable and relevant to clients.


The detailed financial health check enables clients to understand their financial position and allocate their finances for their property purchase comfortably. Prudent purchase of a property is essential, as we have to account for multiple unforeseen circumstances in our financial position.

In addition, when we add the aspect of project and unit selection to the decision making process, clients will derive the best value for their money and be in a good position to enjoy capital appreciation.


Projects that are similar in type and location do transact at different prices and it requires experience and knowledge to shortlist the project that will provide potential upside to the buyer. A little known fact is that different units on the same stack or floor can have very different selling prices, even though the developer or seller might price them similarly. Halim will show you real transactions that prove that project and unit selection are vital to extract best value and potential capital appreciation.


All in all, clients will be in a position to purchase properties that meet their needs, match their finances and offer future capital appreciation opportunities.

Would You Buy

A Lifestyle Home Or An Investment Home?

As we excitedly plan for the purchase of our dream home, we need to know if we are going to buy a Lifestyle Home or an Investment Home. This decision is crucial, as there are substantial differences between the two.


With Halim’s clear and sound explanation, clients will understand the difference between the two and be well equipped to make the right decision for their family.

Lifestyle Home

Acacia Tree.H03.2k.png

Bigger Unit Layout


Varying Locations


High Renovation Cost


Lower Sensitivity to Property Value


Stagnant Price Growth

Investment Home

Pomegranate Tree.H03.2k.png

Smaller Unit Layout


Strategic Locations


Low Renovation Cost


Greater Sensitivity to Property Value


Potential Capital Appreciation


The D65 Consultant

Formula of Data & Research

As the primary focus of Halim Gafoor Properties is to understand the needs of his clients, all residential property locations and types are covered. Halim has transacted resale HDBs, resale condominiums, new launch condominiums and landed for his clients across Singapore. He is also referred to as the D65 consultant, which essentially means that he covers all of Singapore.


Utilising a formula involving data and research tools, Halim is empowered to analyse and extract key details and information on locations, amenities, future development, property transactions and rental patterns. This information is customised to his client’s needs and requests, hence, providing the best property solutions for the client.

Transactions By Property Location and Types

Halim’s recent transactions include:


Landed properties

Bukit Timah,

Serangoon Gardens



Balestier, East Coast,

Meyer Road, Simei


HDB resale

Dawson, Serangoon,

Eunos, Bedok, Tampines

The above are just some of his recently transacted properties.


Health Check

A comprehensive financial health check enables clients to understand their financial position. With a clear understanding of their finances, clients are able to plan their property purchase in a comfortable and prudent manner. This includes contingencies for unforeseen financial changes, family dynamics and interest rate increases.



Listening and Understanding your Needs Intently to Weigh your Dreams versus Needs.



Conducting a Comprehensive Financial Health Check, which includes Assessing Loan Quantum, MSR and TDSR calculations.



Assessing your Requirement and Financial Situation.



Recommending Suitable Options based on your Requirement

and Financial Situation, that provides Potential Capital Appreciation Opportunities.

Once the above has been completed, you will have a clear picture on your financials, as a property purchase is the single largest item that we will buy in our lives. Without a sound financial plan, we will be exposing ourselves to a great amount of risk and uncertainty in the future. Hence, with sound financial planning, we can mitigate risks and be in a better position to make a calculated and informed purchasing decision.


The Project

and Unit Selection Process

With the data, research and financial health check complete, the next step is purchasing the property. Here, Halim will go through each and every step to ensure that there is a smooth transition to your dream house or investment, together with the best value and capital appreciation opportunity.



Shortlisting of Projects according to Research and Financial Health Check parameters.



Analysing of Units that offer Best Upside Opportunity.



Unit Selection and Negotiation of Offering Price.



Timeline Planning, which Involves Managing your Current Residential Arrangement, Renovation and Moving into your Dream Home.

Case Study 1

Purchased New Launch Condominium

Client S was looking to purchase a resale condominium unit at Highline Residences, as the units have a higher ceiling.


Halim did research and advised his client that the offering price is higher than the market price


Based on his client’s needs, Halim proposed looking at Amber Park and The Garden Residences


After conducting a Financial Health Check, Halim advised her to purchase either a 2 bedder at Amber Park or a 3 bedder at The Garden Residences

The client bought a 3 bedder at The Garden Residences for

$1.56 million

Current indicative value at

$1.74 million

Paper Gain of $173k in 10 months, which is equivalent to 


capital appreciation


What Clients Say About

Halim Gafoor Properties

“Halim is sincere, solution-oriented and highly responsible. He has went the extra mile on several occasions throughout our buying & selling process to help resolve unexpected issues.


Even after post sales & purchase, Halim remains approachable and helpful in addressing our property queries. We appreciate Halim’s sound advices and professionalism which has made our entire sale/purchase process a smooth experience.


We would absolutely recommend Halim to buyers/sellers who are potentially looking at buying or selling properties!”


- Charlene Soh

Let's Chat

Whether you are buying, selling or investing, Halim’s professional advice will be beneficial to your real estate objectives. Please leave your contact details for Halim to connect with you, either over coffee or Zoom. 

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