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Real Estate,


Coming from a background of successful realtors, Halim developed a keen interest in the real estate market from a young age.


In his 4 years working in PropNex International, Halim generated thousands of leads through his digital marketing campaigns. He was assigned a 6 digit budget to manage the marketing across digital channels.


With his experience at PropNex International, Halim learnt and understood the big picture of the real estate industry. This encompassed the entire real estate spectrum from developers’ pricing strategy to deal closing mechanics.


Together with this valuable knowledge and inspiration from PropNex’s CEO, Mr Ismail, Halim decided to join PropNex Realty as a real estate person in 2018.


Selling Your Home

Fast and at High Prices through Our Curated Digital Marketing Strategies

Through his experience and knowledge in digital real estate marketing, Halim is proficient in selling clients’ properties fast and at high prices. With an array of different social media and online platforms available, Halim knows which platform is the best suited to market a certain property type.

The curated digital marketing strategies are supported by using creative efforts to stage and style the property. Bringing the best out of a property is essential to receive enquiries and interest.

Halim also facilitates Private Marketing, when requested by owners of Good Class Bungalows (GCBs), Landed properties and Hotels, as they would like the sales to be kept discreet and limited.

Buying With Confidence

Using Halim's Signature Approach

Halim uses a signature 3 prong approach to provide accurate, holistic and prudent advice for his clients. This approach involves using data and research coupled with a Financial Health Check and project/unit selection.


When you consult Halim to purchase your dream home or for investment purposes, he will use a unique 3 prong approach to provide accurate, holistic and prudent advice. This approach has been designed to be applicable to clients from all walks of life.

With the application of Halim’s signature process, clients will be in a position to purchase properties that meet their needs, match their finances and offer future capital appreciation opportunities.


What Clients Say About

Halim Gafoor Properties

“Halim is sincere, solution-oriented and highly responsible. He has went the extra mile on several occasions throughout our buying & selling process to help resolve unexpected issues.


Even after post sales & purchase, Halim remains approachable and helpful in addressing our property queries. We appreciate Halim’s sound advices and professionalism which has made our entire sale/purchase process a smooth experience.


We would absolutely recommend Halim to buyers/sellers who are potentially looking at buying or selling properties!”


- Charlene Soh

Let's Chat

Whether you are buying, selling or investing, Halim’s professional advice will be beneficial to your real estate objectives. Please leave your contact details for Halim to connect with you, either over coffee or Zoom. 

About Your Real Estate!

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