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Selling Property

Contact me for a 90 minute non-obligatory consultation session to find out:

selling-property-consultation-icon-png (1).png

Projected/Highest price your property can be marketed based on our data, research and experience

selling-property-consultation-icon-png (3).png

Curated creatives and marketing

selling-property-consultation-icon-png (5).png

Nett proceeds calculation after accrued interests

selling-property-consultation-icon-png (2).png

Projected duration and target segment to achieve sales

selling-property-consultation-icon-png (4).png

Timeline and planning for the entire process

selling-property-consultation-icon-png (6).png

Property options and choices that would best suit your needs and objectives


Buying Property

Contact me for a 90 minute non-obligatory consultation session to find out:

buying-property-consultation-icon-png (1).png

Options available based on your needs

buying-property-consultation-icon-png (3).png

Property search that fits your family needs

buying-property-consultation-icon-png (5).png

Financial Health Check

buying-property-consultation-icon-png (7).png

Safety net calculation

buying-property-consultation-icon-png (9).png

Timeline planning the entire move from your current home to the new home

buying-property-consultation-icon-png (2).png

Resale vs New Launch options

buying-property-consultation-icon-png (4).png

Capital appreciation projection based on data, research and experience

buying-property-consultation-icon-png (6).png

Actual affordability report after considering your Cash, CPF and mortgage loan eligibility

buying-property-consultation-icon-png (8).png

Project and unit selection to optimise value

buying-property-consultation-icon-png (10).png

Exit plan strategy


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